Watch | 03. Jan 2022

You Have To Get Back!

Never mind you´ll see the worst pictures taken from a screen ever - those are my favorite moments from that extraordinary documentary "The Beatles- Get Back" I watched during the long holiday break; most of it, actually - the mini series adds up to almost eight hours - but I think I got what I wanted. Because:

"Get Back" is one of the most intimate and therefore moving film documents about the world´s most famous band and their most infamous end.

As "The Telegraph" writes: "Peter Jackson´s painstaking restoration of footage from the "Let It Be" recording sessions in January 1969, is a work of huge affection and accomplishment, sure to put a smile on the face of every Beatles fan." The newspaper also calls the documentary "truly fab, but too long and winding".

Still, as always, the truth is with those who are patient.

Try to discover your inner Sir David Attenborough, watching his beasts in their natural habitat to get the big picture. How he waits for days to find out the truth about a certain coupling behavior or nesting - or dominating their tribe. You might find all those veracities here as well.

It helps that Jackson has taken 60 hours of fly-on-the-wall 16mm film footage and 120 hours of audio, burnished it up to modern digital standards and edited it down to three episodes for streaming, so you might take your time.

You will get insides about the band, how certain songs were created and how others were turnt down (A certain song that later wrote music history as "Jealous Guy" fell through here as "Road To Marrakesh").

The relationships within the band and with their girlfriends and families. Their love stories.

The funny thing is - I am not even a real fan of "The Beatles" having been too young when they still existed as a band.

I actually was more fond of the McCartneys as a family, beautiful and smart Linda, their funny band "Wings", their lifestyle of rich and glamorous Hippies, on tour, in noble hotels, in the countryside, everything.

One of their daughters, designer Stella McCartney, used to play a tune from "The Beatles" at the end of her fashion shows in Paris, and it is only now that I fully understand the imprint of her father´s talent on her very own creativity:

That specific passion, the love for what you are doing, like, twentyfour hours a day. The respect for other talent and the strength to put your foot down in the name of your own vision.