Read | 01. Apr 2021

A Memoir Made of Other People´s Memories

As a person who owns around thirty different Jackie-Kennedy-Onassis- Memoirs you might imagine that I love to really dig into people - and phenomena, that is. "Vogue" has always been on my list as well as many of those who worked there - creating the myth, the method and the modern version of storytelling and seduction.

No wonder I fell for "Glossy" the second I read about it in "The Sunday Times" - but quickly stopped reading the book when realizing I already knew most of what I was told to find out here within "the Inside Story of Vogue" by Nina-Sophia Miralles.

May I suggest to flip through the "select bibliography" at the end? You may find some of my favorites, like "The Price of Illusion" by Joan Juliet Buck as well as Grace Coddington´s "Grace: A Memoir" among many others.

As I also read and loved the following - taken from my shelf in a minute time, there are so many more - you might understand that I kind of felt betrayed.

Anyway, here are my recommendations, if you want to learn more about "Vogue"..

André LeonTalley´s "Chiffon Trenches" - for the honesty and the entertainment.

Francine du Plexis Gray´s "Them" - for the detailed insides of post-war-Vogue when former Russian refugee Alex Lieberman and his wife ruled Manhattan and therefore the whole cosmos of designers and photographers.

"Empress of fashion" and "Frontrow" - for the gossipy appeal and the fabolousness.

"The Vanity Fair Diaries" and "no Time To die" - two memoirs of inspiring editors - not exactly working at "Vogue" at their heydays, but still very mcuh leading the same lifestyle.

And finally tow lovely written fictional books, both writers worked for "Vogue" and did not spare the details. "The Devil Wears Prada" even made it to a Hollywood movie featuring Meryl Streep!

Even if this post sounds more like a don´t read than a read, you might go for "Glossy" just as a sample of all those wonderfully written other books.