Read | 16. Jun 2022

Soft Spot

Talking to the ex about your father can be tricky. Then again, when Brad Pitt is your ex - and you are NOT Angelina Jolie - you are proably fine: He seems to be really nice.

As for Gwyneth Paltrow, that is definitely true: she is obviously on speaking terms with him.

She is now even selling his precious cashmere shirts on her website Goop (which I love but can most of the time not afford). And to promote this lovely business connection they talk to each other about her father, the late Bruce Paltrow. Who did teach Brad Pitt a thing or two about the value of luxury products such as good red wines and the qualitiy of precious fabric. And he is not afraid to talk about it:

"The softness comes from Bruce. I didn’t even know what cashmere was till you and Bruce. I knew wool to be wool. And that shit’s itchy. But the way you and Bruce spoke about cashmere, I knew it was something. Bruce taught me about cashmere, what a nice bottle of red is—what a fine bottle of wine means and how to experience it. And I really value that. Hanging out with both of you sanded off some of my rough country edges. It tickled my luxury gene that I always had somewhere in there but didn’t have access to. Ever since then, cashmere’s the coveted cloth to be covered in. It’s just so damn soft and so damn cozy."

As we said before: This Brad Pitt is really a nice guy.

Gwyneth and Brad Pitt: On Bruce Paltrow and the Cashmere Shirt That Inspired a Business