Watch | 30. Jun 2022

Grande Illusion?

When Emma Thompson entered the red carpet at last spring´s Berlinale you couldn´t help but thinking - Oh my God, does she ever get old?? As her age was not an issue at any age - it still is. So she might be in her early sixties now, but her spirit is still young and enchanting.

When she played that middle aged woman in "Love Actually", almost twenty years ago, who lived in danger to lose her middle aged husband to his much younger assistant she did that without any vanity, also having the most tender moment in the whole movie.

In her new movie "Good Luck to You, Leo Grande" her age IS the issue all of a sudden as she is playing a widowed retired school teacher who is hiring a beautiful young escort guy to experience her sexuality for the very first time.

And as you might guess: Emma Thompson plays the role gracefully, funny and - again - tenderly opposite her brilliant colleague Daryl McCormack. Exquisite writing and a sensitive direction helps as well.

I still think the plot is much too predictable - although the last scene is overwhelmingly strong and would standalone be worth her next Oscar nomination - and the characters are too (old) white against (young) black.

As I am Nancy´s generation I wonder why she had the sex life of our mothers and grandmothers - who of us boomers would realy accept a marriage like hers, boring children on top?

A more reliable figure would have helped me to love the movie more. And Emma Thompson would have played that perfectly, too.