Watch | 04. Sep 2022

Six Is The New Double-O-Seven

Our favorite anti hero is coming back as an unglamorous version of James Bond: Less stirred Martinis and custom made suites, more black jeans and sneakers. When Britain´s finest agent is called "Double-O-Seven", our new action star is a "The Gray Man" and almost ironically called "Six".

Anyway: Watch a movie that is only an extended version of the trailer below and a superhero unable to get killed by at least two hundred different people for the next two hours.

Okay, so far, so regular. Like: Those ever changing locations. Super-heroes love to travel and they never die. But as much as I hoped Ryan Gosling would become the next James Bond (well, that option might have passed) I now think: Move over, you are not seducing enough, my friend.

But at least the merchandising concept of those Netflix producers succeeded: Using only AUDI vehicles throughout the movie the car company became main sponsor of the movie. Something Netflix has to consider more often these days now that their numbers are fading.

That, at least, is very, very James-Bond-Style. Let us just wait for the luxury watch "Six" will be wearing in the sequel.