Listen | 02. Nov 2021

Gucci Goes To Hollywood

What better place to show off the looks of stars than magical Hollywood Boulevard in front of the Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles.

That famous location where Oscar presenters and contenders used to step out of their limousines once a year to present themselves in those robes their favorite designers - or stylists - chose for them. As there are tons of actresses and actors who love to wear Gucci these days, Gucci was the host of this show, actually their Spring/Summer collection was presented right here and now.

No wonder there were stars running the show as well as lining the front row, from Macaulay Culkin and Jared Leto to Miley Cyrus and Dakota Johnson. And good old Gwyneth Paltrow.

Paltrow made one of her bigger entrances modelling a brandnew version of that red velvet suit Tom Ford once designed for Gucci. I accidentaly had attended those Video Music Awards back in 1996 - as the editor of German COSMOPOLITAN I had the honor of being the "Plus One" of legendary Helen Gurley Brown. Wearing that suit of the moment made her - and the label - famous overnight (dating Brad Pitt did not hurt either, of course).

Also: There is a Ridley Scott movie coming out in November, starring Lady Gaga as part of that infamous clan leading the Italian fashion house back in the days - there are already rumours about her chances wtithin the Oscar race.

So she might actually return next spring to Hollywood Boulevard, wearing... what again?