Checkout | 24. Jan 2022

Tell Me Who You Are ...

... cooperating with and I tell you who you are. And I am not talking about thre dated idea of H&M desginer collections.

When Gucci started to create a capsule collection with The North Face it just felt right. Like, the dreamy, youngish hippie-look of Allessandro Michele would never ever fit with something pretentious as Moncler.

And for me, actually, it is the only way I would touch a puffer jacket again - I had sworn last winter to never get into one again. But then: There are those pieces that do not even look like winter but work all year, the one I found in British Vogue´s February Issue.

And I figured: Let me get some great jacket from "The North Face" heritage collection. Much less expensive and sending the same message, that is: There is no such weather as too cold for looking nice and easy!