Read | 23. May 2022

Soul Mates

I had started to read Helene Hegemann`s small book about "Patti Smith" during last Christmas season. But then I was in terrible need of a present for my brother - a true Patti Smith fan! - and stowed it into the little package I wanted to send him (togehter wih a jigsaw puzzle made from a photograph taken from our littel village, yup, that kind of siblings are we!). Then I kind of forgot about it, even though I had read tons of raving reviews.

Only two weeks ago I got another copy of the book. And within one lovely Sunday afternoon I read it. A brilliantly written and completely honest coming-of-age-story that touched me deeply.

If you haven´t read it go and catch up - nothing you read/listened to/watched is more worth your time.

Wait... nothing?

I then read "Just Kids" again, Patti Smit´s very own personal memoir about her beginnings as an artist in New York, together with that other creative soul, photographer Robert Maplethorpe, the love of her youth. And then went for the documentary on arte TV, "Dream of Life".

Those two writers are soul mates in a very specific way: while Helene describes the first steps on her way to become one of the most important voices of her generation, Patti tries different ways to express what´s going on in her heart and mind. Helene finds out about her personal destiny by entering the world of theater in Vienna, Patti by moving to New York´s East Village art scene.

Even though they are from very different generations, backgrounds or creative outputs they are closer than I had ever imagined.

So if you want a prove - your next weekends are safe.