Checkout | 21. May 2020

Holiday Boileau - Why Bother Not Travelling When Dreaming About It Has So Much More Style

There is wonderful "Holiday" magazine, you might have heard about it, that comes with a history having been the intellectual´s copy to cover travelling after Second World War until way into the Seventies of the last century: The most interesting photographers and well known writers worked there, getting back from all corners of the world with exciting reportages and special pictures.

Having been shut down for some thirtyseven years the magazine came back thanks to French art director Franck Durand, who stayed loyal with the magazine´s tradition, checking from the spot how "Holiday" could be so much more: A brand, a lifestyle-concept, a classic, old-school style barometer for urban hipsters.

So it was quite logical then that next to publishing the biannual magazine that always features a fashion story related to the main topic of the issue, fashion collections followed, accessories, too, ceramic items, and since last year even a vegan restaurant at the magazine´s headquarters in Paris.

I am the biggest fan of the female fashion collection, I would actually buy every single piece of the coming Autumn-Winter-collection - if there´d be still an urban lifestyle left.

As for now - I stick with simple unisex sweaters and chinos - also available at the website`s shop under the label "Holiday Boileau" - in all my favorite colours.

Only the perfect uniform for someone working from her homeoffice, but having started to see her friends again for early evening drinks.

on instagram @holidaymagazine and @holiday_boileau