Read | 17. Mar 2021

Want To Swap Your House - And Maybe Your Life, Too?

What we all miss right now - meaning us, the privileged people that do not miss their personal health, their loved ones they lost to Covid or their jobs - is going places. Travelling, even for work.

Renting houses used to be something we started when we first felt unsafe about staying in hotels last summer - but right know it seems even that will only happen in your own country because crossing borders might be impossibe.

That is when home swapping comes in - as in: Not only exchanging houses but also a lifestyle. Get a dog - because the house comes with a dog you have to take care of. Ride a horse, because... Take care of a garden, some sheep or a herd of goats.

Or go to the city and mingle with the heighbourhood, the friends of your appartment´s owner, take their kindergarden space and their voice at the chorus they sing in.

Try another lifestyle as long as you cannot go back to your life the way you loved to live it.

Read the wonderful piece at the telegraph below and get inspired.

Me? I still love where I live with the lifestyle I only started one year ago - we moved from big citiy Berlin to our little village in Switzerland just one week before lockdown.

But I am definitely ready to swap houses as soon as travelling is safe again. Hello, New York, Bridgehampton, Malibu.... or maybe even London!!