Watch | 04. Jan 2021

Suddenly She Is My (Kind of) Woman

While watching "I am Your Woman" it took me some time to even realize that I was watching that very person who became an overnight sensation by playing "The Marvelous Mrs Maisel", that brilliantly developed story about a young married-and-then-left-behind woman becoming a standup-comedian during the late Fifties in Manhattan; I mean, we all know since "Mad Men" that women at that time were either married OR working. And their stage would always be their kitchen.

So, we celebrated that young outstanding lady, even though to me: one half of the first season did it.

When Rachel Brosnahan burns that toast in an early scene of "I Am Your Woman" you might expect another housewife with certain issues like, cooking or being not able to conceive a child, for instance, this times placed in the Seventies of the last century.

Instead it is a whole kind of different world with this movie.

The story telling is so modern you might even quarrel with your own viewing habits. And the way the plot builds up from an almost square but still criminal setting to an exciting road movie where you will run into all kinds of fascinating people is something I have rarely seen before.

Rachel Brosnahan proved her extraordinary talent within a cast of brilliant colleagues like Marsha Stephanie Blake or Arinzé Kene among others, now we know, there is so much more out there for her than the stage of a comedy club.

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