Watch | 17. Sep 2022

A New Vision Of Horror

At first I actutally watched the movie for Hugh Bonnevilles only. Since "Notting Hill" I have a soft spot for this actor who became famous for his playing Lord Grantham in "Downton Abbey". We once accidantely shared a cigarette in the smoker´s lounge of a Berlin restaurant and when I complimented him for the British historic drama he was so charmingly humble - "Oh my, I din´t even realize you watch that show in Germany!"

It turned out "I Came By" is quite a good movie, featuring more fine acting by the likes of Geroge Mckay, Kelly Macdonald or Percelle Ascott and a storytelling that keeps you on the edge of your chair.

I was impressed by the directing as well and decided to watch another highly acclaimed film by Babak Anvari. (Stephen King is a big fan, too, by the way).

"Under The Shadow" was presented at Sundance Film Festival 2016 in Persian language with British subtitels: A mother and daughter are haunted by a mysterious evil in 1980s Tehran during the War of the Cities.

I actually watched it in English, as Netflix so wonderfully allows, the Farsi language leaves me behind as much as the social situation of women in that horrible system. It got under my skin. And it does even more these days.

I would recommend to watch both of movies - Halloween season has officially started.