Checkout | 10. May 2022

Like Inventing Fire

I was introduced to the I-pod by an item sold at "Colette´s" that was made to cover it. Back in the early years of the new Millenium my first stop would be at that very concept store in Rue Saint Honoré whenever I had to go to Paris for fashion shows. Actually, the store (together with uber-hyped "Hotel Costes" a few blocks away) had put that part of the street back on the map.

So, in 2002, when checking out their always brandnew accessories, my eyes fell on a little black leather etui, called the "I-pod-case" by Dior, created by my then favorite designer Hedi Slimane. I asked one of the store´s uber-cool kids working there what that was about, and he gave me that sad look young people give you when you are not in the knowing.

I was an enthusiastic user of my palm reader back then together with any computer the publishing houses I was working for would offer. I had worked on "Apple" computers, too, but as I was mostly an editor or writer I did not really care about their specific qualities. Friends who were photographers or graphic designers (or Chandler Bing, however) had already started that cult frenzy about everything Steve Jobs had to offer.

So, now here was a device to save 1000 songs digitally, and I was hooked that very minute. As a devoted member of generation sony-walkman I had a sudden flashback to being in my early twenties, moving to a big city without any friends and just listening to music all day long while walking the new streets.

Within the next 22 years there were ever advanced versions of a gadget that founded the fame of all things to come from the I-god.

This week, after nearly 22 years, Apple is stopping production of the devices that changed consumer electronics and led to the creation of the iPhone.

And THAT, they say, changed the world like the invention of fire.