Checkin | 05. Mar 2020

Into the Wild - Almost

All my life I wanted to live in a big city.

A place where everything is open all night long, where movies run from day one they are out, theaters play the plays you want to see, people of all colour and age mix in restaurants that never close. Like in a novel of Truman Capote or Jay McInerney.

Hamburg was perfect for me in the Eighties, I went to university there and started my career as a journalist. Munic became my hometown in in the Nineties, as an editor I mixed that sound of a young and beautiful city with the flavor of short trips to New York, Paris, London or Milan for fashion shows, more interesting people and events..

Then we moved to Zurich, and a significant group of our friends moved to Berlin.

Both Cities, as different as they are, offer tons of inspiring cultural events, long tables for never ending dinners, filled with writers, actors, gallery owners and designers from all over the world.

We flew back and forth, then my husband started working in New York on a regular basis, our son moved there, I was in heaven.

Now we are leaving all this behind for a small town, near the river Rhine, in Switzerland.

And I cannot wait.

What is wrong with me? Okay, Kaiserstuhl is close to Zurich and even closer to Zurich‘s marvelous airport which takes you to any place on the planet three to four times a day.

But then again, we do not want to fly that much anymore. What DO we want, then? Stay at home? In a village founded in the 13. Century, with less than four hundred people living in it?

Actually: Yes.

I will finally read those almost hundred books on my shelves I never read before. And maybe one or two of the thousands I collected over the years, again. Also known as: When I have enough time....

I will cook, (well: Prepare home cooked dinners, I’ d rather call it, because I am no semi-pro like most of my friends).

I will go back to horseback riding (I once started in Munic) and hiking that I fell in love with when we stayed in Los Angeles and later that year in a small house right on Wannsee, a good friend let us for he summer.

Oh, I will surely miss the sounds of sirens, horns and cars. Our friends, only an Uber away, our favorite restaurants in walking distance. My beloved movie theater around the corner, the readings, the exhibitions, my all-girls-chorus.

But right now the sound of silence is quite tempting. The small world. The early morning sunlight.

Will keep you posted.

Picture from above of Kaiserstuhl courtesy of Bad Zurzach Tourism,