Checkout | 25. Feb 2020

It Takes A Village (- Pharmacy) To Get The Best Body Wash Shampoo

If you are looking for a perfect body wash that also fits into your fancy bathroom - do not look any further! Bigelow Pharmacy in New Yorks West Village is my favorite spot to get all kinds of old fashioned products, and also always the drug of the hour.

Some tourists may have heard about the brand, too, because you find their travel size body products in your room, when you check in at Jane Hotel around the corner.

And they used to be sold by concept store "Colette" in Paris, of all places, where I used to stock it, when there was too much time passing before my next flight overseas.

I now get them online. Even in Los Angeles, there is no other way. Mint is my favorite flavour, but everything else is fine, too.