Watch | 08. Feb 2022

Discovering Janet Jackson

Frankly, I did not realize the significance of Janet Jackson before I watched this documentary. To me she seemed to be the heroine of girls with bad taste, also the spitting image of her brother Michael Jackson, stealing his moves and his iconic looks.

But then you follow her very own personal story and you feel ashamed of what you did NOT see in the first place: a talented girl who wants to be an artist herself, being the youngest in a family dynasty of artists. Who like her siblings before her, strictly followed her father´s regime in the beginning, then struggling, then leaving him for good to become the artist she really is.

The complicated and complex relationships within the family did obviouisly not destroy her but made her stronger - to survive the alligations against her brother, his death, and her very own private disaster, now known as "nipplegate": When Co-Star Justin Timberlake ripped of her leather shirt during their duet - by accident, obviously - while singing „gonna have you naked by the end of this song“.

Hard to imagine today why the one-second-flashing of a naked nipple on stage was able to destroy a whole life, a career anyway. But, then again, it maybe still would...!

The thing is, even then, in those definitely bad, old times, when Janet Jackson was cancelled from every life event, from every TV show and concert, she went back to the studio the next day, reaching out to her real friends and family - and faced the crisis.

If she had to appologize on National Television - then be it.

Her music and her work as a peformer was so much more important that she would do literally everything ot make it happen.

The Janet Jackson I saw in this documetary has never been a victim. She achieved what she wanted in life, I can see that now. And isn´t that the key to a true personality?

"Pick up a dream and work on it" Diana Ross once answered when asked about her personal receipe of success - I guess Janet Jackson took this saying to heart.