Read | 29. Nov 2021

The I Am Not Vegan Vegan Cookbook

Visiting New York these days means to run into vegan restaurants at every corner. They are the new Chinese, the new Steakhouse, the new Hamburger Joint, the new everything. And every Italian restaurants seems to serve Avocado Toasts these days.

I am a most-of-the-time-vegetarian, married to a strict vegetarian. We both can not even imagine to give up cheese, eggs, yoghurt, a generously buttered toast for breakfast. Having tried restaurants every now and then also never satisfied us.

Enter Book Hampton, one of my Go-To-Places when stying in Easthampton, New York.

And there running into Jessica Seinfeld.

A cookbook author I have trusted before with her bersstsellers "The Can´t Cook Cookbook" and "Double Delicious". They made it into my shelves years ago and became quite popular during lockdown.

I bought a - signed! - copy of her book "Vegan, at Times" and have since then tried one Pasta receipe (the one that even convinced her husband, the comedian Jerry Seinfeld). But to read the other recepies is already a treat - because of the beautiful picutres and all the encouriging words.

Jessica Seinfeld dedicated the book to two women: her mom Ellen, who made her eat tofu and brown rice "before it was cool" and her daugher Sasha, "whose resistance to healthy food has kept (her) working like a fool".

Inspiration goes both ways, most of the time. As goes the dedication to a new diet. At times.