Checkout | 15. Nov 2021

The Joys Of Much Too Much

Now this is a trend you might love just for the easy way you can follow.

You just have to check out the necklaces you might have collected over the years, and for once there is no agony of choice: Just put them ALL around your neck, the more diverse the better.

For my friends who already wear a different chain pendant for each child - good for you - just get some more bands!

Even if you have not reached a certain age when covering your neck has become an issue in seasons without turtle necks - to add an undefinite number of necklaces to the one you normally wear looks like fun. Like, as my friend Zoe said, very helpful for people who have a hard time to decide anything.

For all of you who are too young for a necklace collection check out your mother´s or grandmother´s!

And then there are already brands who take care of collecting for you.... like my favorite "MIssoma", available at Farfetch among others.