Watch | 06. Sep 2021

Same old, same old

There are two presidents of the United States who got some reputation as ladies´men. Both of them democratic party members, both of them quite popular.

John F. Kennedy obvioiusly had affairs with every woman he was in contact with - until today hundreds of books and articles were written by or about former mistresses, from famous actresses to secretaries to stewardesses to winners of miss-vinyard-awards around the country.

Bill Clinton on the other hand might getz his popluratiy for his good looks and handsome manners as well - but although we just know about one affair it was the one that shook his presidency as well as the reputation of the whole country and changed the life of that young girl from be an ambitious intern to becoming the most hunted woman in the USA.

It is compelling to get into the head of a twenty year old girl from Radcliffe College back in the early Sixties:

"What did we talk about? Please. There were no deeply meaningful conversations regarding our innermost thoughts and feelings. It was chit and chat and then some sex and then go home. I went for the daring adventure outside of my world. If it involved sex for attention … well, O.K.What would you have done?"

Who would really know what she would have done different from Diana de Vegh, who is now a New York–based psychotherapist

It is interesting to compare that kind of sad sensation with a similar fate during the mid nineties. What had changed and what not at all. How the story of a young girl and and old powerful man seemed to be a topos as we know it from Greek Tragedies.

Now Monica Lewinsky did what people do these days: She produced a TV show - within the "American Crime Series" that were qutie successful with their murder-stories about O.J.Simpson or Gianni Versace.

You might be astonished about the mean characters women used play on this stage.

Let us hope that #metoo did help to resolve that.

So Monica Lewisnky would have been seen today at what she really was: a victim ot harrasment. And that she would be supported by other women and not given away.