Watch | 16. Aug 2021

Please Stop Making Movies Of Jojo Moyes´ Books

As I just read one of her books on a long flight once, I have to admit: Not a fan. But: That is just me, right?

Because reasonable people like, for instance, actress and producer Felicity Jones think those books are "just brilliant". And therefore died for the opportunity to play a leading character in one of those honey-sweet-sick stories. Or, like, one of my all time favorites, Shailene Woodley - yes, that phantastic actress you know from "Big Little Lies" or "The Decendants" among other movies and series worth mentioning. Also an admirer.

Both agreed in starring in the movie version of just another Moyles-bestseller, and that is why I decided to watch it.

The story alone about a contemporary journalist (played quite implausibly by Jones), finding out about a love story some fifty years earlier, she then wants so terribly to fix and finish is hard to believe; the clichéed styling of Woodley (all heavy eye-liner and pill-box) together with the whole postcard-set design almost killed me - the rest of any goodwill goes wtih the poor dialogue. "I will not allow me to love you. Because if I let myself go I will love you so much it will consume me."

Read what the "Guardian" has to say before you got carried away by the short interview-clips on the "Hoolywood Reporter" website like I did.

Or you just watch the trailer - then you know anyway.

Shailene Woodley and Felicity Jones in Netflix’s ‘The Last Letter From Your Lover’: Film Review