Checkout | 10. Sep 2020

Two Art Shows To Visit This Weekend in Berlin

There comes something like a letter of intent together with the exhibtion at "Grisebach" by Juergen Teller and Dovile Drizyte.

It tells us the story about their journey to Iran last winter, how they felt welcome and threatened at the same time, enjoying the hospitality of the people they met and panicking about how to get home safely only some days later.

Teller only used his iphone to take pictures, out of respect, and Drizyte decided to wear the Chador all day midway through their trip, changing not only her attitude but also the way she approached the country, the people and her boyfriend.

"I did not want to just take tourist pictures", Teller remembers, " but I wanted to put something of myself or us into the pictures of Iran, but I did not know what or how in the beginning.(...) As Dovile turned into this chador-wearing/religous/black kohl-eyed/abstract/serene woman, photographing her became suddenly absolutely exciting on so many levels."

There is another, smaller exhibition at Villa Grisebach next door, a book project Teller did together with his photographer friend Araki, called "Araki Teller, Leben und Tod", where we see intimate childhood memorabilites next to pictures of his mother at his father´s grave.

The pages at the wall make a book you might want to buy - as a reminder of the perfection that comes from two very different souls being connected within one body of work.

Both shows will open tomorrow, September 12th, at Fasanenstrasse 25/27, the artists will be present.