Read | 16. Aug 2021

A New Frontier

Sometimes you start to read an article with a certain perception. Like, ah, here we have that successful woman, who you know from magazines and her shows, it is a story about Julia Peyton-Jones who I admire since her work as the director of Serpentine Gallery in London for some twenty years.

Within British Vogue´s September issue that really hit this month´s motto (covered in 27 international editions): "New Beginnings".

Because Peyton-Jones talks about how she decided at the age of 64 (she is now 69) to have a child. How she got her baby girl against all odds, against reasonable considerations of family and friends and against her own self doubts.

I think it is a great story about any dream you might have and think is too late to make it come true.

Because, obviously, it never is.