Checkout | 16. Jan 2022

What Would Kate Do?

Even Kate Moss is getting old. Actually, we have noticed that for a long time and still - love her style and attitude.

When I ran into her last time it was not at a front row fashion show but in a very prestigous health spa where she stayed together with her boyfriend Nicolai von Bismarck. When I watched her leaving the dining room we all shared, it took me a minute to recognize her as who she is - I just thought: What a cool woman! And realized only seconds later: Oh My God, that´s Kate Moss!

What I mean: Kate Moss did not lose any of her charisma even though you would estimate her age correctly, she is not looking one day younger than the 48 years that she actually turnt last week. Because: Her cool beauty does not come with an expiry date.

Have fun with "The Telegraph"'s list about the "48 fashion tips to take from the ever-stylish Kate Moss" and get inspired for your very own eternal style.