LifewithKelly | 22. Sep 2021

Kelly in Paradise

Among all of our dogs Kelly is by far the best travelled. Mostly for her seize, as she is a small dachshound that fits into a carrier bag on planes. But even more for her special quality of being the perfect companion, easy to fit into new locations and not so comfortable conditions.

When we took her on a 14-hour-flight to Los Angeles she just decided to sleep all the time - like a little soldier she declined food and water to not get into trouble for businesses. Once we had checked all our luggage for three months to come - she left the airport in high spirits and welcomed our new home in the Hollywood hills with enthusiasm. As if she had anticipated our lifestyle of daily hikes in the canyons and the beautiful garden that surrounded our new home.

Not so amused: Our trips to the mountains - she despises snow and all other conditions connected to degrees below zero. Especially if we make her wear coats!

This time we travelled to a little island near Sicily by boat overnight, meaning: we had to change from the airport to the harbour, stay on deck for dinner and then sleep in a small cabin with bunk beds.

Coming back to Naples we went to Sorrento to spend another week at what you can only call: Kelly´s paradise. A remote villa with a garden full of incredible Southern vegetation. Palm trees of all seizes, orange and lemon trees, deep grass roots and bushes of hisbiscus and bougainville. Plants and flowers that do not need much rain - perfect for a dog who hates water.

Grocery shopping in the morning turned out to be a blast as well as Kelly was allowed to join us even into the supermarket. In the evening we might walk into town for dinner - also perfect for checking out the neighbourhood dogs who left their marks for Kelly all the way into town, along a boardwalk of Grand hotels and crowded bars.

As we had tears in our eyes to leave this place after one week of peace and quiet - so would have Kelly. If only she could listen to the hymn of Sorrento as we did at Naples airport.