Watch | 28. Nov 2021

Queens Raised By A King

I never really got the Williams sisters, Serena and Venus. Those girls who changed every rule on the tennis court. Just by their body strength and a mind set inconceivable in a world of tradition and rules ivented by a white upper class decades ago.

The movie "King Richard" is about their father and his goal of uplifitng his children from an underprivileged class. By teaching them to survive with education and discipline. And above the true story behind that movie lies a mission about parenthood and support that seems kind of out of time. As far away from today´s behavior within families as a period drama like "Downton Abbey".

Richard Williams and his wife raised their children in the world of Rodney King and the daily abuse of black people by white policemen. Also the world of gangs and drugs and an always present no-way-out-situation.

Sports, education, strict family values and prayers is what Richard Willams puts against it. Also: brilliant instincts, coaching skills and an unblievable believe in tennis and his girls´ talent.

That very sport that never really accepted black people among their heroes.

To follow that family´s story makes much more sense than most bio pics. Because it is not only the astonishing rise of two girl out of nowhere. It is also the story of black lives that matter. Because they give hope to so many others.

Does that mean that black people have to fight more than white people to make their dreams come true? Obviously yes. As poor have to fight more than rich people and women have to be stronger, faster and more convincing than men to achieve their goals in life.

And there is that other thing that really hit me the most: How the dedication of a father can look like.

At the end of the show the whole cinema in East Hampton clapped: Happy to have learnt that much about that family.

And the story behind those exceptional careers that truely changed America and the world of sports for the better.