Watch | 25. May 2021

Is This Land Your Land....?

Robin Wright wanted to do the movie because she loved the script. A story set against all the violance and destruction of Donald Trump´s era as US president. That guy letting her famous part in "House of Cards" as a merciless, career-driven president of the United States not looking so bad anymore - because reality turnt out to be much worse.

The actress who had directed some episodes of the famous Netflix show herself - even the finale - decided at the very last moment to also play the lead, because money then was still an issue.

And now, more than one year into that new world of distance and lockdown and being separated from you loved ones - the movie looks like the first statement movie of our new times; as being outside, experiencing nature every day, has become the thing to do for so many of us.

The movie is actually not really brilliant. The characters remain too flat, you do not really get the bond between those two people thrown together after having left their former lives after kind of similar experiences.

But still - you will be touched and your own mind will start to run. Would you go so far? How would you manage to survive? What would you miss the most? What must have happen to you to make you leave your former life for good.

The movie premiered last January at the Sundance Film Festival and runs in selected movie theaters all over the world since then. There are also some streaming services that might take up.

I will watch the movie again on the big screen. After all - you have to give nature the credit it deserves.

All Pictures courtesy of Big Beach Films