Watch | 14. Dec 2021

Can Olivia Colman Ever Be Wrong?

There is that moment in any movielovers´ life when she or he discovers an actress they trust enough to follow her into cinemas or in front of their streaming device for whatever project the actress decides to get involved with.

Olivia Colman, everybody´s and the Academy Award´s darling, just produced and stared in a miniseries called "Landscapers" so I watched two episodes as soon as I could - on HBO Max, that is. The critics are raving and the plot sounded promising - and still: The show is not my show.

The true story about a devoted couple that comitted a crime, decided to hide for fifteen years, then come out to face the consequences has been told on various layers, involving the audience into the production process as well as into the phantasies of the characters; both perspectives do not really add something to the story of two lost souls and their weird way of dealing with their fate.

And even Olivia Colman who creates her part of that poor wife and formerly abused daughter as a naive and dependend woman of a very simple mind cannot really touch me - her character as a lifetime victim seems too far away from any circumstances I might love to follow.

Therefore I might rather get back and rewatch one of her other successes over the holidays, from "The Queen" to "Broadchurch" to "The Father" or "The Lost Daughter". There are even episodes of "The Crown" worth revisiting and a semi-cool show called "The Nightmanager".

Still. The specific technique of "Landscapers" and the modern way of story telling seems to be more than convincing for most of the critics.

Maybe at the end I am not too far away from Colman´s character who loves to watch and escape to classic movies. Where Gerard Depardieu seduces Catherine Deneuve every time and Gary Cooper saves the world for Grace Kelly.