Read | 29. Sep 2021

Because Your Choice Is Also Your Burdon

There is no chance this book will NOT touch you if you are a woman. Like the title alone rings a bell in every adult woman medical experiences.

"Larger Than An Orange" is written in a very personal diary format and unfolds the processs of a typical female "pro choice" procedure in front of us. And even if you never had to have that experience - lucky you! - you feel like reaching out to the author and comfort her as you did with your girlfriends, or, like me, with a stranger in a doctor´s office who had a nervous breakdown in the waiting room.

Lucy Burns is an editorial assistant at Manchester University Press and the co-organizer of a poetry and experimental writing reading series called "Murmur". Her essays on contemporary poetry have appeared in HotelPN Review, and The Manchester Review. After she had received her PhD from the University of Manchester in 2019, specialising in the history of creative writing at Black Mountain College.

Read the brilliantly written text about the book by Lucy Scholes and then go straight to buying it.