Read | 04. Oct 2022

Chemical Reaction

Even though I might be the very last person on the planet having read the book and then rave about it - I just have to.

"Lessons in Chemistry" is a lesson in women´s liberation as well as the eternal truth coming from children - and dogs. Because: Next to lovely heroine Elizabeth Zott there is her bright daughter Mad and their companion Six Thirty; the three of them speak the same language of truth also known as not bullshitting. Funny enough we are back in the Sixties again and obviously - for women - that has been one horrific period in time. May they have been famous actresses (see my post about "Blond") or ambitious scientists.

The book has just been adapted for a TV show and I cannot wait to watch it, coming to apple TV sometime next year.

In the meantime read the interiew with lovely Bonnie Carmus - a fairytale story in itself.