Checkout | 22. Apr 2021

LET´S FACE IT My Beauty Column, Volume One - Scent Of A Woman

My personal history with beauty goes back a long way and lasts until today. That is why I decided to write about it, I think my opinion, based on good taste and a lot of experience, matters as much as any other out there. As they say in football: There are millions of coaches out there - I guess that applies to judging beauty products as well.

his is about CONCENTRÉ ORCHIDÉE IMPÉRIALE MICRO-LIFT a serum a very dear friend gave to me as a lockdown-cheer-up-present; frankly, I would have never bought it right now myself because the price is quite challenging.

But then again - what a great product! Your skin is immediately in love with the texture, that priceless feeling of doing something really meaningful to your face and neck last for hours - and in a way you start to belive in miracles again.

But above all those possible qualities there is that specific scent all GURLAIN products got - and a fragrance-embossing that was handed down to me by my late mother when I was a little girl, during those early Seventies of the last century.

It was then that I watched my mother getting dressed and done before going out, sometimes simple and small for a girlfriends-get-together, then again big time, hairpiece and wrong eye-lashes included, for official balls or other big events.

And even when she did not go out there was always that fragrance around her when she kissed us goodnight. Not that one from a certain perfume she used but the scent of her face cream. Nomally that was as simple as a NIVEA face cream - as she had beautiful skin that did not need special attention. But when she travelled she always brought back more precious cosmetic products from duty free stores - as GUERLAIN´s.

So that specific scent stuck with me forever: literally familiar, very intimate and precious at the same time.

GUERLAIN will always be my comfort creme and I will walk that extra mile to afford it now and then. And for those other times there is also still NIVEA.

Let´s face it .

VOGUE cover picture taken from my personal collection of vintage magazines, NIVEA adverstising picture as well.