Read | 03. Aug 2020

From Super Model To Model Citizen

Lily Cole used to be that kind of model you would recognize on the spot, in every picture, on every runway - and you would see her A LOT during those 1990s: Her renaissance looks, that angelic face, inspired photographers and designers alike.

The little girl who took the fashion world by storm, while still in her teens, took that opportunity to travel, meet people and become an extraordinary young woman, to hold an MA in history of arts at Cambridge. She was later awarded an honorary Doctor Of Letters at the University Of Glasgow for her contribution to humanitarian and environmental causes through social businesses, she has spoken in Davos and at Google conferences.

And she has now the most interesting book out there, talking about the power of optimism.

In there she tells her own very personal story of how she stopped wearing fur on runways - a statement she used to make strongly many years earlier, but needed so much more confidence when working with important fashion houses ("The power of No"), getting aware of climate change and our specific responsibilities ("The power of Yes") - and how we all might contribute and by that change our world.

What really convinces you while following her thoughts and ideas, is the way she starts with her very own world of fashion as most likely responsible for the biggest part of carbon footprinting by non-stop producing fashion we do not really need. And therefore suggesting to follow Mahatma Ghandi´s peaceful way of protesting by, for instance, just NOT SHOPPING.

May I say, that I also love the design of the book very much? So, if you want to treat yourself with something beautiful, go and buy it instead of another pair of sandals.