Checkout | 13. Apr 2022

Fragile Memories

Have you ever seen something for the very first time and yet had the feeing you have known it forever?

That is what happened to me the other day when meeting with the ceramics of Margrit Linck. I actually discovered what was left from a larger exhibition in Zurich´s popup-store only at its last day open (there is still the steady exhibition store in Bern) - to get a private introduction by Linck´s grailkeeper Annet Berger.

Berger is a distant relative of the avantgarde Swiss ceramics designer (a contemporary of my favorite Berliner Hedwig Bollhagen) and she was obviously the only one to take the challenge of going on with the business of hand crafted ceramics.

As a craftswoman, Margrit Linck (1897–1983) was an eccentric. The shape of the vessels designed by her is not at all pleasing. They seem rather capricious, some mounted incorrectly as if on purpose, never minimalist, but always sculptural. Linck gave some vases such narrow openings as if the plant sunk in them should be subordinate to the design. She added large bowls to etageres. Candlesticks resemble the trunks of young trees; Shapes like architecture, which are also conceivable in bronze.

As Berger is re-producing the original sketches and forms, she truely helps to preserve a design worth uplifiting any home. She adds some colours now and then to the normally only black-and-white-pieces and also sometimes offers special editions of fashion asccessoires in her (online) shop.

I couldn´t really make up my mind that day to decide what to buy first.

But how come I am dreaming of a certain vase now every night?

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