Watch | 09. Jul 2020

Maybe Not Brilliant In Every Detail, But Definitely The TV Show Of The Moment

I just watched "Little Fires Everywhere" even though the reviews about the TV show produced by Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington, who also played its leading characters, where not really hilarious. The story of two very different women from two very different backgrounds with two very different concepts of life is as entertaining and heart warming as it is simply black and white - literally speaking.

But even though the writing might be more clichéd than the book this Amazon series is based on, I am hooked - mainly for the spectacular young actors who play the four children of Elena Richardson (Witherspoon) and the one daughter of Mia Warren (Washington).

Richardson and her picture book American family celebrates herself as tolerant and very relaxed with her mixed coloured neighbourhood, even the interracial realtionsship between her daughter and a football player at school is something she is proud of - treating it like an achievement, herself having been a big "fan" of the late Martin Luther King.

Consequently she offers homeless artist Mia and her teenage daughter an apartment within her beautiful house, her efforts to be a "good person" do not end with endlessly decorating her own home, hosting book clubs and raising her children to get them into one of the Ivy League colleges. After all: We are in the Nineties of the last Century, a decade when America still thought, most of them were Not racist.

There is quite a plot that is developed around the many different relationships between those two families - secrets to be uncovered, fights to be fought, superficial behaviour to be revealed - all those "Secret Little Lies" you might be reminded of for a good reason.

You would think that this show was developed by ABC for Amazon as a politically correct answer to the protests after the murder of George Floyd. As it was produced way before, I can only hope that there still is a majority of people in this very country who believes that really all lives matter.

All pictures courtesy of Amazon