Watch | 02. Feb 2020

Little Women - How Can Anyone Recommend This Old Fashioned Bullshit?

Even though I was not really interested in watching "Little Women" at all - as I wasn´t before, when more than twenty five years ago an all-star-cast around Winona Ryder and Susan Sarandon made the same story a success movie, let alone, more than seventy years ago, when Katherine Hepburn played a lead - I could´t resist all the raving critics.

From trust worthy "The Gurardian" to feminist opinionated German "Die Zeit", every writer around the world seemed to think, that strictly over-hyped New York director Greta Gerwig had produced one fine masterpiece, a complete fresh perspective on female coming-of-age characters.

When sitting in a complete packed movie theater in Berlin one early afternoon (the later shows were all sold out), I felt completely betrayed. After an hour, I was thinking about leaving the screening and only stayed, hoping for some twist, some new perspective, something, that would really touch me.

I could´t help but realize that all women in the theater around me were moved - alright: Seeing a sister die is a tough one, we know that since Friend´s Joey Tribiani was swept away.

But to watch four girls in a Ralph-Lauren-picture-perfect scenario being too-good-to-be-true is hard enough: no sophistication here, no edge, no distinguished features that marks the difference between real people and silver screen puppets. But the even more devastating fact: everybody in this movie is good and only good.

The nice publisher who supports the young writer from day one.

The on the first glance cranky rich neighbor, who turns out to be the most generous person on the planet, with the biggest heart, a true philanthropist.

Even his spoiled grandson - oh, yes., he dears to drink too much in one scene, oh my!! - becomes the nicest husband.

Poor Laura Dern as the mother - full of understanding and loving support for her family and every other poor soul in her community - plays the most one-dimensional part of her whole career.

And, yes, there is also Meryl Streep - as an old rich aunt - who, you might guess now: has also only the best intensions for everyone around her.

I do not get what anyone in our time can see in this film.

That there is a female life without marriage? A woman might even write a book? Big news!

As I watched the movie until the bitter end, true feminism here means:

Marry a nice guy, who supports your hobbies. Become a real, real happy family (it helps, if your future husband has enough money or your aunt leaves you a villa).

Stay close to your ancestors, always.

And take your time to watch craftsmanship, like, when they produce your first book: Follow any minute of that process - because: You don´t have to do anything else, anyway.

When I finally left the theater just as the credits started, a woman next to me, completely overwhelmed, grunted: "How rude of you to just leave" - she obviously wanted me to pay my respects to that old-fashioned bullshit.

What is wrong with you people???