Watch | 08. Nov 2021

A Designer Like No Other

To watch and listen to John Galliano was never really exciting - compared to see what he could (and still can!) - achieve creatively.

His fashion influenced my education and fascination for fashion in the first place - even though I personally neither loved his name sake label nor what he did for Givenchy nor Dior. But the way he staged, his cuts and his ideas were just marvellous.

So his persona as a designer always made me fall for him. His personality: Not that much.

(Even though he seems to love the restaurants I love. Like the "Café des Arts" in Saint Tropez.)

There is an interview now to watch online. Wonderfully unmoved Tim Blanks from "Business Of Fashion" talking to John Galliano about his latest collection for Maison Margiela. His lockdwon experiences, his past and present situation.

It is like the prototype of an interview with a fashion designer. A message from the past.

Watch it to learn how things used to work in fashion.