Read | 17. Aug 2021

What We Fear The Most

The incidents following the harsh and heartless withdrawal of American and European armys off Afghanistan are shocking the world.

As we are all watching CNN and listening to BBC Global News podcast around the clock we can only imagine what the new situation means to those people left behind; having worked for the Americans or European ambassies they are now called "collaborators" and hunted by the Taliban.

My personal concerns regard girls and women and the way Taliban will probably want to surpress their lives again; they talk easy now but still always mention their interpretation of sharia.

The most important law in Germany reads: Human dignity is inviolable. I love that. Now, let´s call the right to get educated the second most important regulation - for me: even before health.

Read what Malala Yusafzai has to say in today´s New York Times. And let us never forget what she got her Nobel Prize for:

The will to pay with her life for her right to go to school.