Read | 07. Dec 2020

Nothing More Boring Than Predictable Oscar Runners

The thing to do before you watch a movie? Read the critics!

You will see,

the more critics argue with all those predictable criteria, like, acting in all ugliness of age and alcoholism,

black and white cinematography and, as the most important quality:

based on a true story, the more you know:

This movie will be highly recognized by the Accademy. But you will never like it. As well as you did NOT like "Citizen Kane", that very movie, this movie is dealing with. Well, that is how I see things.

So I recommend to just watch the trailer (believe me, there is not ounce of storytelling or acting more in the whole film) and then go for the wonderful feature in (Even though, you may read it right here, do consider getting a subscription, it is sooo worth it!)

Then you might go for one or two of the movies that other Mankiewicz brother did as a director, acutally, one of the finest and one of the most opulent. Joself Manciewicz won several Oscars, discovered Sidney Portier, dealt with homosexuality before anybody else and also with the biggest movie star of his time: Elizabeth Taylor.

Compared to this lifetime achievement: What is all that fuzz about a doubtful contribution to a mediocre script, anyway?