Listen | 01. Jun 2020

If You Have Not Heard From Marc Jacobs In Some Time - Here Is The Perfect Reason To Catch Up

I just downloaded the most interesting podcast: BOF (Business Of Fashion) editor Tim BlanksĀ“ conversation with American designer Marc Jacobs - produced around two weeks ago, in the middle of tough world wide lockdown.

Rarely did anyone speak so honestly about his thoughts, his fears, the reality of letting people go who worked with him since forever, or dealing with manic-depression, to name just a few topics this talk deals with.

And that is not thanks to an investigative effort of Blanks , in the contrary: the journalist tries again and again to talk about uplifting, positive approaches people love to emphasize when speaking about this cover-19 crisis in public - Jacobs is the one to get back to him quite frankly, obviously not willing to bullshit anyone who wants a straight answer.

Listen to this podcast if you want to find out more about what the fashion business might have to face these coming months.

From someone who does neither sugarcoat nor deny it.