Watch | 30. May 2021

Kate The Great

Funny enough, Kate Winslet´s now famous new character "Mare of Easttown" reminds me of Rose Dewitt Bukater in "Titanic" almost a quarter of a century ago. And I loved her for that quite as well.

Winslet´s way of rounding up her role as a complex personality, full of controversial qualities, gave her historical portraits of women of a very last century, the same power as the one she portraits here and now.

Like, getting engaged for the money and then leave for love and adventure ("Titanic") was as good as it could ever get a hundred years ago. The chain-smoking, grief-denying, bad-assing detective she plays in "Mare" is as authentic as you can imagine, speaking in that certain accent of provincial Philadelphian communities, acting as driven and as dedicated as any other ambitious American daddy´s girl for that matter.

The plot of "Mare" follows the successful recipe of "Broadchurch" or "Fargo": A female detective has to investigate within her small town community - but other than Ellie Miller or Molly Solverson in those shows Mare Sheehan herself has a lot to hide and her character is often as dislikable as most of her suspects. You´d not even really expect a happy ending finale.

Everyone is already talking about an Emmy for Winslet´s performance and the actress is giving her typical interviews about how she cannot stand Botox or plastic surgery on actor´s faces. And how she forbids to retouch her body or face in magazines.

Go for the New York Times´ wonderful Maureen Dowd to read her latest comments on those topics.

Like when she talked openly about the pressures of hiding your being gay in Hollywood that still exists. She did those interviews after the premiere of "Ammonite" where she acts quite authentically in love scenes with Saoirse Ronan. A movie that also reminded me of another period drama Winslet did at the very beginning of her career; because there is a certain tragic about those women of the 18th century - and also the hope and the perspective of something changing soon.

In the real world at least. Albeit unfortunately not in Hollywood.