Checkout | 09. Mar 2021

Hello Again...!

Maybe it was about those unexpected springtime temperatures last week, maybe it was just that magical moment that decides between admiration and the desire to actually own: I've bought a pair of sandals that I will probably wear in two months at the earliest.

The model is very reminiscent of my declared favorites from about five years ago. Back then, at the end of a long summer, I got hold of the platform shoes on sale in an exclusive clothing store on Zurich's Bahnhofstrasse. I wore them well into October. However, I did not take part in a solution that was en vogue at that time, infinitely extending the warm season by combining sandals with stockings; my generation will forever associate this style with a profession that also came with a suburban beard cut´s name: the sports teacher.

I wore those shoes longer than any other pair, but had to let them go two years ago - with no replacement. Because modern fashion and sales marketing means analyzing our buying behavior: algorithms evaluate collections from a commercial point of view and decide what the designers - perhaps slightly modified - will offer again in the next season.

This fate has now overtaken my sandals: They are finally back!

This time in white, because coming summer every look will be crowned with this non-color: We will wear eggshell-colored cardigans to go with our floral hippie dresses, lime-white nurse's Birkenstocks with extra-wide flood jeans, smoking blazers in off-white and chalk-pale boyfriend sweatshirts.

In my closet, too, different pants and jackets are looking forward to their new companions, not all of them still remember the bottle-green predecessors, which would look like yesterday anyway.

Only one item of clothing will never get a chance - my favorite jeans. Because that combination would create a look that is only allowed at a registry office on your wedding day: all in white.