Watch | 26. Oct 2021

A Speech To Make Us Speechless

I am proud to call my fellow scorpio Mavie Hoerbiger an old friend. Having met her when she was still in her teens but already bursting with talent. And though we could easily go as mother and daughter I always thought of her as my soulmate. Closer to me than most of my peers.

Having watched her becoming one of the best actresses in German speaking theater and a mother of two wonderful children I was pleased to hear that Austrian newspaper "Die Presse" honored her with the award "Austrian of The Year - Cultural Section".

That comes in a year when she played "The Devil" in Salzburg´s "Jedermann" during the traditional summer festival, first time that a woman plays that part in more than hundred years. Also the year when she spoke up about narrow-minded gender definitions within the movie and theater world.

You might not be surprised then to listen to her speech: As ballsy and as brilliant we would wish for in most men.