Checkout | 11. Mar 2021

Mickry 3 - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Wandering through Zurich the other day, I was wondering to which temptation I should succumb: A new colourful summer dress? A Sweater in funny stripes? Or that very cardigan I had already threw an eye on a week ago online?

Everything screamed "Spring!!", even though the warm winds already announced a change of weather, rain again, even snow later that week.

And I so desperately wanted to mark that moment of hope for better times to come - and then I found the perfect symbol.

In the middle of all those tempting new styles and colours there was a shelf full of flower pots and plants - designed by Switzerland´s most talented female artists group MICKRY 3.

Because department store Modissa at Bahnhofstrasse decided to offer those unique pieces to round up their message of hope and phantasy.

Well, thank you for that. You made my day! (Check out their work, I`d only show my personal selection here) (Check out their spring collections there are even things you can actually wear)