Watch | 16. Oct 2020

Milla Meets Moses - Greta Thunberg Goes Love Story

"Babyteeth", those teeth you have almost all lost, when you become old enough to go to high school, symbolize an age of innocence, happiness, pure joy - if you are a healthy little girl or boy, growing up in beautiful Australia with caring parents and the talent to play the violin quite beautifully.

All that changes, when you are getting sick.

Or even terminally ill, as Milla is, with last stage cancer. When she meets Moses at a train station, a school drop out, she takes him home, mostly to shock her middle class parents, but then head over heels falls in love. Since her first love might also be her last, her parents deal with this drug-dealing homeless boy, accept him in their house and even take care of his drug problem.

The charm lies in the easy way of story telling, even in dramatic situations. And within the lovely acting of Milla´s Eliza Scalen and Moses´ Toby Wallace, who was awarded "Best Actor" at Venice Film Festival September 2019.

The movie finally enters theatres, now under the names of their young heroes - go get touched.

(Pictures and trailer courtesy of Whitefalk Films)