Watch | 03. Mar 2021

When Family Matters

"Minari" is by far the best movie I have seen in a long time. And like everybody else I saw A LOT of movies during that remarkable last year.

This simple story of a Korean famliy trying to live the American dream during the 1980`s has more magic in storytellingand more acting skills on display than any of its emotional topic-competitors, from "Nomadland" to "Hillbilly Elegy".

What touched me most is the fascinating spirit of this family, how their Asian roots get into conflict with new American influences, how they speak Korean with one another but English with everybody else, the children getting mixed up and starting to speak their new mother tongue even when alone with each other.

And then there is that rather mysterious way of how the young generation submits to the old; something that is hard to endure for a Western audience. Until you realize that this attitude might be the reason for dealing with corona so successfully in most of the countries in the far East.

Like last year´s "Parasite" "Minari" might be this year´s dark horse contending for the Oscars.

Wake up, Hollywood - before Korea is taking over world domination in producing wonderful movies.

At least Brad Pitt did, he produced "Minari".