Watch | 04. Feb 2020

Do Not Miss Miss Americana

I was never into Taylor Swift. In fact, I do not even know anybody who is. No sentimental teenager, none of my country-music-loving friends - nobody seems to care about her music. That I watched "Miss Americana" when it popped up at netflix one sleepless night was just because I have a thing for their documentaries - and once again for good reason.

To watch the American singer and songwriter at home, in the studio, backstage, on her way from and to concerts, in some old footage from what seemed private videos, is quite intriguing, the small interview pieces show a very sensitive young artist who actually knows already a lot about the "not beneficial paths" one might take in life.

How she talks now about that infamous moment when Kanye West entered the stage at the VHM awards to humiliate her for her award winning video over Beyoncé, is one of the deeply touching moments in the film. But then: There are many more.

Do not expect to become a fan, you may never buy a ticket to one of her shows - but if you want to learn something about honesty and the hard way of a certain life female artists so often suffer from: This film is worth watching.