Watch | 27. Oct 2021

The Triumph Of Bad Taste

There are TV shows we can all agree on. I m not talking "Handmaid´s Tale" here or "Squid Game" as not everybody enjoys watching violence and abuse on a binge-watch-basis. I don´t.

But there is "The Crown" or "Mare Of Easttown" or "Fargo" to name just a few that go with the mainstream (sic!) feeling of: I´ve been watching something interesting here. New in a specific way and perfectly written. Good acting, brilliant setting, expensive scores. Fresh!

Definitly NOT what you get with "The Morning Show", a show I actually postponed watching again and again because I did not care for the narrative after having watched the first episode. Then there was that night when I was zapping through my streaming devices - when I started again and could not help but binge through the whole first season within one weekend.

I do not even know how to recommend that experience to you!?

Everything about this show is solid, it´s classic TV as we have known it since forever. No surprises here, no twists, no new story telling.

BUT the good old suction worked. From a certain point I was driven to Reese Witherspoon´s character and even more to Bel Powley who plays her assistant and, of course, Billy Crudup (the next James Bond, please!). You learn to accept the face of Jennifer Aniston and her poor acting skills and you start to love Steve Carell.

And you learn a lot about the new drastic world of working under brutally woke rules and conditions. And the new beginning of female empowering as told in a fairy tale.

Just do not make the mistake to even start the second season.