Read | 09. Aug 2021

A Mother From Hell?

Our desire to follow the lives of unsanely rich people got a new feed: The "Unorthodox Life" of Julia Haart and her children. Three out of four followed her after she left her ultra-orthodox community outside New York and started a life as an overnight-successful entrepreneur alongside - through? - a billionaire husband; creating mostly tacky collections of fuck-me-highheels and fashion still seems to guarantee success in post-Trump America.

Living in a sky-high-penthouse, driving Bentleys, using helicopters to beat the Manhattan traffic, spending weekends at another family mansion in Bridgehgampton, renting castles when on buisness in Europe.

So far, so Kardashian-like.

But the narrative here is different - it focuses on the mother and her way of life. Her opinions. Her job. Her husband. Her issues. As much as her children are in front of the camera and the topic of discussions - they never have the last word.

Haart bullies her way through any situation, forcing her brood - and her assistant, random models in her office, some fan who wrote to her - into her way of life; her deifinition of freedom is the only one counting - funny enough the one son she left behind in shared custody with her former husband, seems the most reasonable and authentic character in this one-dimensional scripted reality show.

Just before you still want to watch this - like a car crash - go and read the article in New York Magazine for a more distinctive review.