Read | 27. Aug 2020

Naomi - Two Books About One Phenomenon

There was never a more beautiful woman on this planet, I guess. But the ting is: Naomi Campbell was not ony beautiful but fierce and fast forward coming from her very beginning, a quality that makes her even more special than her looks.

As a person who gave away a precious collection of coffee table books almost two years ago, I was certain to never spend any money on one of those heavy weights again; I focused on reading instead, knowing my picture books in good company at the studio of a very talented art director.

So, here is about breaking the rules, my rule, that is: Naomi by Naomi will stay with me and my shelves.

To read her story, told in her own words, complemented with pictures in scrab book style - and then flipping through the pages of the bigger, beautifully printed picture book, made my whole weekend.

Naomi Campbell started her extraordinary career long before I entered the fashion world, in my perception she was already and for ever a super model, so when I went through her work a lot of it rang a bell. And although we never really met I was lucky enough to work as an editor for Interview magazine in Germany, when photographers Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott did their legendary cover shooting with those five famous supers - Naomi´s portrait now making the cover of the smaller of the two books.

That picture was produced seven years ago - so many more followed. The story of this exceptional woman will not come to an end soon.