Watch | 01. Jan 2021

Do You Still Love New York?

When I uploaded the December issue of New York Magazine on my Ipad, I felt tears coming to my eyes.


Because the cover story talks about the end of the city as we know it. And, actually, as I loved it. And like always, New York Magazine found the perfect words, the perfect illustration for this phenomena.

Like so many times before, when a cover image combined with a cover line made it to an iconic picture.

This cover is even more so - while other media try to preach optimsm, same old I-Love-New-York-blah-blah.

When you watch the Vogue video for that matter, it feels cheesy and very yesterday, people talking about qualities that got lost years ago or at least became privileges of the rich - like Vogue-readers or Upper-Eastsiders, who now live in their Long-Island-Estaes and watch "The Undoing".

New York Magazine went for a different direction - instead of their traditional "Why we love New York" issue, they normally did in December to honor the entrpreneurs, artists, broadway shows, hospitals, restaurants and clubs that became talk of the town that very year - they honored the businesses who will have to go.

And as anyone else who loves New York - at least from my generation - I know most of them, have been there, will actually really miss them.

And New York Magazine is not here to spread optimism or talk cheesy. They proved that with other covers, too, this past year.

So my love for New York is here to stay, I guess, the way New York Magazine loves New York: Not the myth, not the superficial "If You Can Make It Here..."-bullshit - but like your family: You have not really chosen your home town, it just happened to be the place where you were born. So you have to deal with it.

Same thing with the heart town: You may see all that changes, you might miss what once made you fall in love, but you cannot help it. It is like a long lasting marriage!

And who would get a divorce after almost forty years?

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