Read | 17. May 2021

Sweet Sixteen? You Bet!

It is with great pleasure that I read about ab bunch of sixteen year old activists in Masschussets, USA.

Even more so, as I think: They are not alone, there are plenty of young people around the world who want to get involved.

They want to change what their parents much too long clinged to: their private wealth, their individual lifestyles that in so many ways harmed the lives of so many.

Those young people do not want to grow up first as they have been told before - because experience is no longer the most important currency: Go, burn!! And then act. There is much more to do than just striking school.

Picture courtesy of New York Times showing

Lillian Gibson, left, and Calla Walsh canvassing for a mayoral candidate, Michelle Wu, in Boston.

Credit...Philip Keith for The New York Times